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DietMaster Pro
The DietMaster Pro software has the tools you need to run a professional weight management consulting business. The program offers three main features:
Performs dietary analysis of foods, meals or daily food intake
Allows you to build customized meal plans using foods in the database or foods you add to the system.
Automatic meal planning using Ph.D. approved meal plan templates
The DietMaster Pro software also includes:
Support for unlimited number of clients
Database including 13,000 food items
Ability to add food items to the database
6 ready-to-print professional meal plan templates
Tools to build customized meal plans for individual clients
Tools to build generalized meal plan templates
Tools to build custom recipes
Ability to import additional meal plan templates
Food diary for individual clients
Ability to override food calories and ratios
Reports in digital format (pdf) that can be emailed to clients
Body composition assessment and tracking
Body measurements tracking
Exercise recorder and planner
To help you learn the DietMaster Pro software and build your weight management consulting business, the product includes:
120 page user manual
Multi-media tutorials
Consulting business paperwork
One promotional DietMaster Pro health journal
Marketing brochures
Toll free technical support
Free service updates
The DietMaster Pro software is not linked to the MicroFit HealthWizard software and utilizes its own database and client list.
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